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Functional Movement Rehab

What is Functional Movement Rehab?


Functional movement rehabilitation focuses on improving a person's ability to perform everyday movements and tasks. The key idea is to not only address the isolated muscles or joints that are affected but also the overall coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance needed for functional activities.

At SpineFit, we use the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) to identify musculoskeletal dysfunction. We assess the quality of movement patterns and identify and treat areas of the body that lack mobility (range of motion) or stability (motor control).


Using a series of full-body movements to identify movement dysfunctions, SFMA helps us get to the root cause of your pain and create a personalized treatment plan to restore pain-free movement and function.

This plan typically includes a combination of exercises, stretches, manual therapy techniques, and functional activities tailored to the individual's specific needs and goals.

Benefits of Functional Movement Rehab

Functional Movement Rehab Can Help

Many people can benefit from Functional Movement Rehab, including but not limited to those struggling with the following complaints.


Balance & stability

Sports injuries (i.e., strains, sprains, and tears)

Stiffness and lack of mobility

Postural issues

Work-related injuries (i.e., repetitive strains & ergonomic issues)

Neurological conditions

Pre- and post- orthopedic surgery 

The SpineFit Method

At SpineFit Chiropractic, we provide Functional Movement Rehab, along with muscle treatment services, in combination with our chiropractic adjustments to help chiropractic results hold longer and improve overall functionality to keep you moving.

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